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  • playdough
  • playdough tools
  • wiggly eyes
  • toothpicks, beans, any little items


  1. Roll out the playdough to make a snake.
  2. Snakes can be long or short, fat or thin.
  3. Add wiggly eyes or spikes or stripes or anything.
  4. Air dry or bake, according to the recipe.
  5. Write your name and date on the bottom.


This project is the most fun if it comes after a trip to the snake exhibit at the zoo, or at least read a few books about snakes, so the children can be inspired by the wide variety of the natural world. Learning how to roll out the playdough into a snake/rope is a very basic skill that is used in many other projects. This skill is also a lot trickier to learn than many adults remember, so be sure to have plenty of chances to practice, and don't be surprised if it takes a young child awhile to figure it out. The best way to help your child learn to roll playdough is to sit at the table with them and make lots of snakes yourself, so they will want to stay with you and keep doing it, too.


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